Monday, May 19, 2014

ATG 10.2 Customizing CRS

Using Customer User Accounts for CRS

This is the time to create user account for the freshly installed CRS.
First of all start following services one by one

0. Install two web browsers (Fireforx and Google Chrome).

This is to eliminate session expiration issue in ATG framework.
Use one browser to access CRS application and use other web browser to access ATG Business Control Center.

1. Start Production server.
     Open new terminal
     cd /common

2. Start Endeca services

     Open new terminal
     cd /common

3. Start Publishing server.

     Open new terminal
     cd /common

4. Brows Business Control Center (BCC) using one web browser.


Login as administrator

username - admin
password - Admin@123

5. Click on External Users

 6. Go to Users

 7. Go to Default Realm

7. Select any user.

There are many default users. These users can work as buyers of ecommerce products. In simply, They are customers of CRS application

 7. Click on the Change Password field.

 change the password. Ex. Testing@123

7. Save the changes.

7. Now open CRS home page using other web browser.


8. Click on Login Link

Enter Username and Password

username -
Password - Testing@123

8. See the beauty

Cheers you logged-in as given username ( email )

 9 . So far we have used given user account.
      This is the time create our own new user account.

     Follow above steps from 1 to 7.

10. Create new user by clicking + button in the upper left corner.

11. Add login name -
Add all mandatory fields by scroll down to bottom

And Scroll down and fill all required fields.

12. Save the new user.

13. Open other browser

Login as

Username -
Password - Testing@123

14. See the beauty again

Thanks for visting my blog. For the next lesson you will be able understand eCommerce data model. How to customize products, categories and many more things.

Happy Tux Time.

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  1. Hi saminda Konkaduwa,

    I want to change username/email without changing the password for External user in BCC. When I am changing the username/email without touching the password , when i click on save button i am getting Password must be changed When modifying username.

    Please give me your valuable solutions.