Saturday, February 22, 2020

Containerizing your apps 3 - ELK vs Amazon Cloudwatch vs Google Stackdriver

Good for non cloud apps. AWS and GCP has their own log monitoring system.
Comes with complete search engine called Elasticsearch
Near real time processing
Complete dashboards
Not good for cloud native apps ( Apps in AWS , GCP )
Required configuration of 3 components. ( Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana dashboard )

Elasticseach required heavy memory

AWS CloudWatch
Can monitor infrastructure
Supports alerting
Supports Dashboards
CloudWatch Supports many matrices
Can monitor resource utilization
Flirtations works very fast
Near real time processing
Can export data to S3 buckets
Dashboard configuration takes time across multiple filtration

Not supports app level debugging as of 2020
Google Stackdriver
Support app level debugging without changing the app or adding new log lines
Can monitor infrastructure
Support wide range of matrices
Easy configurations
Easy dashboards
Supports AWS VMs

Better than ELK and same as AWS CloudWatch. Excludes app level dubbing feature which is not available in AWS as of 2020