Thursday, March 11, 2021

When / What to use ( RDBMS vs NoSQL )

In Relational Database Management System, data can be arrange in a meaningful way called relations. These relations can be joined in a meaningful way where we can understand the entire data scope including what kind of information can be processed from these data. Data sources will be vary from system to system. Storing data in RDBMS will require some processing time as we require to identify which relations need to be focused on given data. In NoSQL databases, there are no relationships will be maintained. Complex objects, key value pairs can be stored as it is and no initial processing time will be required as it happens in RDBMS. In RDBMS systems, processed data will be stored including enforced data integrity between relations. In RDBMS, meaningful information can be retrieved very quickly. NoSQL will not support to extract meaningful information very quickly. In terms of performance, NoSQL perform well in simple I/O operations while RDB performs well in complex relational queries. When to use and what to use depends on the scenario and the client