Friday, May 16, 2014

Artificial Intelligent - An approach to Nature Inspired Technologies

Artificial Intelligent (AI) is an approach to model natural intelligence of humans  in to machine level. Some of AI enabled machines need to be trained and some of AI enabled machines doesn't need specific training. They can work without special training.

AI enabled machines can work faster and better than humans for specific tasks. AI is not yet matured like humans but they can solve many real world problems very quickly with highest accuracy.

Lets see how different areas of Artificial Intelligent evolved as Nature Inspired Technologies.

1. Evolutionary Computing - Based on Charles Darwin Laws of Biological Evolution.

The biological evolution based on a key concepts. That is Survival of the fittest. It says, Most capable animals, plants and species to live and survive under natural conditions will reproduce their community for the next generation. 

The rest of animals, plants and species will be extincted ( towards no living family members ) step by step. This process of natural extinction will take hundreds of years to millions of years.

Lets see how this happened. At the time of reproduction a portions of parents genes are combined together and produce genes which are having features of both parents. Genes contain DNAs. DNA is a molecule that encodes unique biological information of given species.

It governed all biological activities such as  shape of the animal, growth of the animal, behaviors of the animal , inherited diseases of the animal , capabilities of the animal and many more.

2. Fuzzy Reasoning - Based on how Human Feelings emerged on Complex Situations.

3. Swarm Intelligence - Based on how Ant / Bee / Fish Colony worked on Uncertain Situations.


4. Artificial Neural Networks - Based on how Human Brain trained to accomplish different tasks under Unclear Situations.