Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Insight for Java

In early 1991, a small group of Engineers from Sun Microsystems have focused on new language to make unity among electronic hardware devices. This team leaded by James Gosling was the key figure invented this new language initially called Oak. Major design goal of Oak program was, once developers write their code then it should support to run everywhere without considering hardware and software platforms

They have coined the term "Oak" due to Oak tree in front of their office. Later they have changed the name of the language into "Java" in 1995 as they have consumed so much of coffee cups having coffee brand name "Java coffee". 

In 1995, the Netscape Navigator was the first web browser incorporated with Java technology. Now Java technology become part of day-to-day life of humans. 

According to their design goal, if you write your Java code from Platform A, then it will run at Platform B. Platform A and Platform B may consists with different operating systems different hardware platforms. 

To achieve this capability, the designers of Java have introduced two special products. They are called Java Compiler and Java Virtual Machine. When we take both products, then we called it as Java Development Kit (JDK). Java compiler will convert your source code in to Java Byte code. This process called compiling a Java source code. Java Byte code is an intermediate language that can understand by Java Virtual Machine installed in same computer or another computer. 

Once you compile your source code under current Platform ( Say platform A consists with Operating System A1 and Hardware Platform A2 ), Then you will be able to run the byte code ( already compiled code ) from another Platform       ( Say platform B which is similar/ not similar to platform A). 

Because Java Compiler will generate Java byte code in a stranded way based on Java Language Specification that can be understood by any Java virtual machine.


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